imperfect-man-2.jpgNow, here’s a little food for thought; There’s always a time in one’s life when you fail. People will react, or despise you and yes it is because you were incapable or unable to do something as right or as perfect as they had set a benchmark for it. Sometimes people look at you from first impression and assume a couple of things about you just from the way you looked, talked or behaved. So as an emotional being as you are you tend to create a personality for yourself to keep up with peoples expectations or opinions about what you should be In order not to let one down. But even with those measures and careful steps you’ve been taking. There’s always those little silly errors and annoying human-like behaviors that make you get on people’s nerves even when you try your best to avoid that. Imperfection is something every human, every piece of machine, every animal or thing has been created with.


This song was written after a push to the wall that certainly reached a limit. after trying to satisfy or please and balance most of the situations around me, People, Challenges, relationships, physical looks, socialization with people, academic performance and many more. This song speaks about the human imperfection to be able to satisfy all those variables without compromising the other.
As we know, no one is perfect. Except God.


This song was written by Andy “Vars” Musa and Maureen “Mimi” Zakari.
Produced by Nanman “Jozin” Godwin, recorded by Albert “Dreyga” Agada at Zigzack waves records Jos. For NaVaJo Music &VarsAudio ©2016.

Now get this song, enjoy the sounds and words fused in and get familiar with it’s lyrics.
We’ll meet again at the next one.


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