Vars – Star Life Version II)


I don’t know why it took me long to blog my own song. perhaps I left it all for music sites and blogs to handle.

well, on Valentine’s day while my friends were out there chilling with their girlfriends, I was in my room sending out email blasts about this song.


is the song about Valentine?


this song as I posted on that day, is a song I made while thinking about how my life would look like IF i become a star in this music industry.

a lot of things come in mind but then as the hook says, the life will be about balancing demands from family, fans, the media and my friends.

It’s a time I anticipate to see though I know it’s gonna creep me out too soon if it happens – the moment when suddenly everyone gives a fuss about every single thing you do every minute.

I’m not here to tell you any long story…

here’s the song download link for those of you that hate streaming.

Lest I forget, this song is a remix of the original version that came out on Mezcriverische featuring VerseJnr?  This version is part of the deluxe version of the album which has some additional tracks and remixes. CDs will be out soon and then it’ll be online only on Tecno Boom player. soooooon!

Incase you listen to the song and didn’t understand a word I said, here’s a link to the Lyrics so you can sing along too.


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