Mezcriverische (deluxe version)



Thank you you you and you there reading this cos it means you cared to actually check this out.

A deluxe version in my own terms means it is an extended version of an original album. today the first of march 2017, with all excitement I present to you an extended version of My debut album from last year.

it is extended in the sense that i included some track refixes and added bonus tracks that some of you out there had never heard so be sure to download the album and feel the changes, add-ups and fill-ins.

I’m also pleased to announce to you that this deluxe version will be available on Tecno Boom player soon as well as all my other songs from day 1 it is available on CDs so if you’re the type that loves the old-fashioned home hi-fi cd player or you’ll just wanna bump it in your car then you may wanna pickup a copy asap. All songs here are CDQ though so if you wanna aux it up in a cab, keke or at home, I’ll still be glad to know you’re listening to this piece of artwork i made with all seriousness and hope.

Share my music that matters to you with your folks as it would help in getting someone inspired (or probably just promote me only LoL)

There’s more to come – Freestyles every friday here on my blog for the whole month of march. Audios and maybe videos tagged “Varstyle Friday” cos it’s my month. So listen to my album so you can have what to say to me when you wish me happy birthday on the 22nd.


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