Varstyle Friday – episode 2



Recently someone asked me why I’ve been on a lowkey (am I actually on a low? with all the broadcast messages I’ve been disturbing my WhatsApp contacts with?)

So the title of today’s episode is called “lowkey”

Here’s the story of how it came about: I was in Primestix’ (psychHouse music group mgr) house to play some adventure games alongside his cousin DJ slim then we decided to step up our spirit better by making music. So I think this song is a property of PsychHouse Music Group.

Took out a laptop, launched FLstudio of course and started fiddling around with some instruments and in some 10 minutes we had a beat to play with. I had to send for my microphone since we live in the same neighbourhood then we kicked up our freestyles back-to-back just having fun and saying anything that comes into the mind with my man chops (primestix) at the same time trying to stay on-topic. we could not generate a chorus for it so you have to enjoy that part of the beat and assume it has an instrumental chorus.

so, lemme hear your views on this one again. Thanks for checking it out. Let’s see again next Friday. there’ll be something better from me alone.

You can follow on Instagram to see more updates @varsbeats & @primestix00



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