Upcoming Release: the Lost Tapes

It has been a busy year for me and at the same time musically lowkey because I’m trying to strike a balance to music & other disciplines that I’m in. But counting down to the end of 2017, I’m pleased to announce that there will be a take-away compilation from me which is a compilation of songs that I recorded between the period of 2012-2017 that didn’t get out of my laptop harddrive on to Versatility EP or Mezcriverische.

This can be tagged as a clearance sales sort of album to let out some sounds that may interest the fans out there as I gear towards the release of my next big projects in 2018. Proposed date for release is on black Friday.


  1. Twisted thoughts

  2. Only one ft. Bizakeem

  3. Music of the Heroes ft. NaVaJo & MonLee

  4. Love letter ft. Slytecular

  5. Locally grown (skit) ft. Miya Brown

  6. Never stop ft. Nales

  7. Outro ft. Mista Rom

  8. Bonus track – Hear word (NaVaJo)


Executive Producer: David M. Chantu
MonLee (ManeAudio) – track 3
Vars (all tracks)

Song writers:
Andy Musa Chantu (all tracks)
Miles Marker (track 1)
Bizakeem (track 2)
Nanman Godwin (track 3)
Telsum Mashi (track 3)
Nengolong Samuel (track 3&6)
Sylvester Abba (track 4) Miya Brown (Track 5)
Rom Machunga (track 7)

Artworks, Photography & Costume
@drumstik, Shedi Mwanse, Salisu Koki
Recording Locations:
NaVaJo studio Gidan Kwano, Minna
ManeAudio studio Gidan Kwano, Minna
VarsAudio Hwolshe, Jos.
VarsAudio Fagge, Kano.

Proposed Release date: BlackFriday.

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🐦 @varsaudio || 📷 @varsaudi0

👻 @varsbeats || Fb: VarsAudioNG


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