Mezcriverische Beats Compilation

First of all, if you haven't listened to Mezcriverische album or even have an idea what it is, then please check go back and listen to the album then come back to this post. Well, i earlier said i will be making some of the spanking beats I made on Mezcriverische album online so... Continue Reading →


a new afrobeat (For Sale)

Have you been looking for a Vars type of afrobeat to make an afropop song or whatever? listen to this. If you like it, dont steal order for this beat and pay up to get all rights, source files and a HQ.WAV version for you to record that next song of yours. Buy for a... Continue Reading →

Beat ReFix: M.I – Bad Belle

I wanna kick off my beat remake series with this particular one that was brewed out of an excitement I had in me when the Chairman Album by M.I dropped a while ago. M.I has been a mentor to me that I've been following and emulating, since from way back in 2008 when he released Talk... Continue Reading →

Free Beat 2

This is a the second free beat i released back in december 2015 as an end-of-year package for my fans that've been following and supporting the movement. It was initially hosted on but I've brought it back here for you too. So If you're an artist or a dancer or just a lover of afrobeats, this is... Continue Reading →

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