Varstyle Fridays EP now on iTunes

  Here is an iTunes link to my follow up freestyle fridays compilation from March 2017 now available on iTunes & Other stores for streaming & purchases. Support good music. Bless!  


Mezcriverische (deluxe version)

  Welcome to Mezcriverische. A deluxe version in my own terms means it is an extended version of an original album. Release date: 1st march 2017 This is a reviewed & extended version of My debut album from 2016. This version includes track refixes and added bonus tracks. be sure to download the album and... Continue Reading →

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Mezcriverische – Vars

Vars is a producer/rapper and sound engineer from Jos, Plateau. He's the in-house producer for the afro-hiphop band NaVaJo which earlier released a debut EP titled the Versatility EP last year (2015) He's been standing out in his game both as a solo artist, as a producer and part of his group NaVaJo as well as in... Continue Reading →

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