Varstyle Fridays – Episode 4

This is the final episode. Thanks for following the series. Sorry it came on a Saturday which is a day late cos I was on the road all day  yesterday that I couldnt post it out. This episode is a snippet of  song I was trying to freestyle and write from back in 2014 inspired... Continue Reading →


Varstyle Fridays – Episode 3

"Simile Evening" "I picked a pen and started writing similes" Hey there, thanks for tuning in again it's another friday I know and I am late with posting this. I just had a long day today that recording this was almost impossible cos of my busy schedule and some challenges with my equipment  configurations. this... Continue Reading →

Varstyle Friday – episode 2

LOW KEY Recently someone asked me why I've been on a lowkey (am I actually on a low? with all the broadcast messages I've been disturbing my WhatsApp contacts with?) So the title of today's episode is called "lowkey" Here's the story of how it came about: I was in Primestix' (psychHouse music group mgr) house to... Continue Reading →


Jenny Freestyle i call it. This first episode is just a first out of four episodes i'll be releasing every week during the month of March 2017. because it's my birthday month, I just wanna make it special for me and for my fans. I am not a good freestyler cos I am someone who... Continue Reading →

Vars – Star Life Version II)

I don't know why it took me long to blog my own song. perhaps I left it all for music sites and blogs to handle. well, on Valentine's day while my friends were out there chilling with their girlfriends, I was in my room sending out email blasts about this song. Why? is the song about... Continue Reading →


Now, here's a little food for thought; There's always a time in one's life when you fail. People will react, or despise you and yes it is because you were incapable or unable to do something as right or as perfect as they had set a benchmark for it. Sometimes people look at you from... Continue Reading →

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