Varstyle Fridays EP now on iTunes

  Here is an iTunes link to my follow up freestyle fridays compilation from March 2017 now available on iTunes & Other stores for streaming & purchases. Support good music. Bless!  


Varstyle Fridays – Episode 3

"Simile Evening" "I picked a pen and started writing similes" Hey there, thanks for tuning in again it's another friday I know and I am late with posting this. I just had a long day today that recording this was almost impossible cos of my busy schedule and some challenges with my equipment  configurations. this... Continue Reading →

Varstyle Friday – episode 2

LOW KEY Recently someone asked me why I've been on a lowkey (am I actually on a low? with all the broadcast messages I've been disturbing my WhatsApp contacts with?) So the title of today's episode is called "lowkey" Here's the story of how it came about: I was in Primestix' (psychHouse music group mgr) house to... Continue Reading →


Jenny Freestyle i call it. This first episode is just a first out of four episodes i'll be releasing every week during the month of March 2017. because it's my birthday month, I just wanna make it special for me and for my fans. I am not a good freestyler cos I am someone who... Continue Reading →

Mezcriverische (deluxe version)

  Welcome to Mezcriverische. A deluxe version in my own terms means it is an extended version of an original album. Release date: 1st march 2017 This is a reviewed & extended version of My debut album from 2016. This version includes track refixes and added bonus tracks. be sure to download the album and... Continue Reading →

Vars – Star Life Version II)

I don't know why it took me long to blog my own song. perhaps I left it all for music sites and blogs to handle. well, on Valentine's day while my friends were out there chilling with their girlfriends, I was in my room sending out email blasts about this song. Why? is the song about... Continue Reading →

Credits: Brother – Nales

Honestly, I can say I've never produced a song I'm so excited about like this one. Not just because i feel I Killed the beat, it's because the song itself encourages and gives me motivation as a person with the way the artist sang and expressed it passionately.   The song is from the Versatility EP from... Continue Reading →

Credits: Dice – Alhaji

For the first post on my Production Credits, I present to you Dice @lyricaldice of INC music. Alhaji is the first of a kind of what I call Afro-Trap Fusion beats I started making earlier this year 2016. I remember we recorded it on his birthday and the session was one of the best I've had... Continue Reading →

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