Star Life (Version II) Lyrics

INTRO: Ladies and gentle men my name is Vars CHORUS Superstar life split personality power in the voice, money for the family music to the fans, news to the press, video for tv, money for the whole team, Superstar life split personality power in the voice, money for the family music to the fans, news... Continue Reading →


Vars – Star Life Version II)

I don't know why it took me long to blog my own song. perhaps I left it all for music sites and blogs to handle. well, on Valentine's day while my friends were out there chilling with their girlfriends, I was in my room sending out email blasts about this song. Why? is the song about... Continue Reading →

Credits: Brother – Nales

Honestly, I can say I've never produced a song I'm so excited about like this one. Not just because i feel I Killed the beat, it's because the song itself encourages and gives me motivation as a person with the way the artist sang and expressed it passionately.   The song is from the Versatility EP from... Continue Reading →


Now, here's a little food for thought; There's always a time in one's life when you fail. People will react, or despise you and yes it is because you were incapable or unable to do something as right or as perfect as they had set a benchmark for it. Sometimes people look at you from... Continue Reading →

a new afrobeat (For Sale)

Have you been looking for a Vars type of afrobeat to make an afropop song or whatever? listen to this. If you like it, dont steal order for this beat and pay up to get all rights, source files and a HQ.WAV version for you to record that next song of yours. Buy for a... Continue Reading →

Credits: Dice – Alhaji

For the first post on my Production Credits, I present to you Dice @lyricaldice of INC music. Alhaji is the first of a kind of what I call Afro-Trap Fusion beats I started making earlier this year 2016. I remember we recorded it on his birthday and the session was one of the best I've had... Continue Reading →

Beat ReFix: M.I – Bad Belle

I wanna kick off my beat remake series with this particular one that was brewed out of an excitement I had in me when the Chairman Album by M.I dropped a while ago. M.I has been a mentor to me that I've been following and emulating, since from way back in 2008 when he released Talk... Continue Reading →

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